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Kejic Productions is an award-winning film production company specializing in creating innovative and captivating stories for the big screen. Our recent projects have been recognized with awards and nominations from prestigious film festivals throughout the world. Come explore our projects and learn more about the work of Kejic Productions!

Bimibatoo-win: Where I Ran

Charlie Bittern is a residential school survivor from Berens River First Nations in Manitoba.


In 1967, when he was 19 years old, the principal of Birtle Indian Residential School forced him to run 80 km through a brutal blizzard. It took almost nine hours.


55 years later, Bittern embarks on the same journey – but this time, he’s surrounded by his family.


Bittern hopes that retracing his steps will help him heal from his experience, while spreading awareness for all residential school survivors and all the children who never made it home.


The Seven Sacred Laws

The Seven Sacred Laws is a colourful and imaginative animated web series that follows a young boy on an Indigenous rite of passage: a vision quest. On his spiritual journey, he meets seven sacred animals that teach him how we as people should live our lives on Mother Earth



A Two-Spirited daughter discovers she is a perfect kidney donor for her ailing father. By gifting a piece of herself, she hopes to save his life and gain his acceptance for who she truly is.


Run as One: The Journey of the Front Runners

In 1967, Winnipeg hosted the fifth Pan American Games. 10 young Indigenous athletes from First Nations across Manitoba were selected to run the Pan Am torch from Minneapolis to Winnipeg — an 800 km, once-in-a-lifetime journey.

But just before the athletes arrived at the opening ceremonies, the torch was taken from them. It was handed to a non-Indigenous athlete, who carried the torch into the stadium.

The runners were sent to a diner across the street, where they watched the opening ceremonies on TV.

50 years later, the runners reunite at that same Winnipeg restaurant to share their memories, and to discuss the injustice and disappointment they faced at the end of their journey.

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