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Who We Are

Kejic Productions is a Winnipeg-based company owned and operated by Cree/Ojibway Producer and Director, Erica Daniels. Erica has been an entrepreneur for several years and founded the company in 2017. Kejic Productions creates, develops and produces films, community and corporate videos; as well, provides event photography and marketing services.


We operate from the spirit of respect and kindness; our mandate is to do things from the heart when working with clients and communities. Kejic is an Anishinaabe word, which means The Sky. The name was given by Elder Dave Courchene Jr., which symbolizes there are no limits to what we can dream and achieve. We are in a time where we as Indigenous people, the original peoples of our homeland, need to be telling our own stories and representing the Indigenous voices and perspectives.

Kejic Productions has a reputation of connecting to the community it serves by building relationships and respected partnerships. We continue to build our cliental and provide high quality professional services as well as unique opportunities such as career exploration and on-the-job training for Indigenous youth!

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